CMES-OMS Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Vision Statement:

Protection of human health, personal and equipment safety and the preservation of environmental quality rank at the highest level of importance to CMES-OMS. We operate in a diligent and responsible manner consistent with other world-class corporations and aligned with our stated HSE business goals and policy. CMES-OMS empowers and supports efforts to prevent accidents of all kinds and to promote a safe environment wherever we go in whatever we do. We use comprehensive management systems to demonstrate our commitment to Health, Safety and the protection of our Environment and to the principles of our HSE Policy, bringing value to our clients, contractors and the community.

  ::: Enable effective stewardship of HSE affairs at all management levels. Communicate company strategy and vision in order to align HSE with business goals and vice versa.
::: Constantly improve measures used to mitigate the potential to cause environmental impairment or harm to human health.

::: Initiate site-specific HSE requirements. Have an organized means to attain them and to detect additional requirements or risks.  
::: Have clearly defined roles, responsibilities, tasks, checks, procedures and other tools to systematically carry out HSE objectives.  
::: Have an active and engaged work force that incorporates HSE into their daily work priorities.
::: Improve performance as measured by accident statistics and other meaningful metrics. Set goals and objectives to drive continuous program improvements, striving for excellence, consistent with or superior to the performance of our business peers.